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Why is the calculated remaining battery time lower than in other battery management apps?

Most battery management apps use default values to determine the remaining battery time based on the current battery level. This results in high but very inaccurate numbers, because battery usage varies based on the  active app/service.  SleepControl however, continuously monitors the battery usage of your iPhone in real time to determine how much charge you have left using SleepControl in the current setting (active services like WiFi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, etc. and the screen brightness).

Does SleepControl need to be active to use the Battery Emergency Alarm?


How does the background alarm work?

If background alarms are activated in the options menu, SleepControl will wake you even if the app is inactive. Due to unavoidable restrictions in iOS, it is not possible to play your favourite iTunes song for background alarms. The "classic" sound will be used instead. Important notice for iOS 8 users: notifications must be enabled for SleepControl to use background alarms!

How does the the Fast Sleep Alarm work?

The Fast Sleep Alarm is activated by swiping left or right in the main screen. The Fast Sleep Alarm will override all other active alarms you have entered in the options menu.


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